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Reformation 101 - The Protestant Reformation in Europe

Reformation 101 - The Protestant Reformation in Europe The Reformation was a split in the Latin Christian church instigated by Luther in 1517 and evolved by many others over the next decade- a campaign which created and introduced a new approach to Christian faith called Protestantism. This split has never been healed and doesnt look likely to, but dont think of the church as divided between older Catholics and new Protestantism, because there is a huge range of Protestant ideas and offshoots. The Pre-Reformation Latin Church In the early 16th century, western and central Europe followed the Latin Church, headed by the pope. While religion permeated the lives of everyone in Europe- even if the poor focused on religion as a way to improve day to day issues and the rich on improving the afterlife- there was widespread dissatisfaction with many aspects of the church: at its bloated bureaucracy, perceived arrogance, avarice, and abuses of power. There was also widespread agreement that the church needed to be reformed, to restore it to a purer and more accurate form. While the church was certainly vulnerable to change, there was little agreement on what should be done. A massively fragmented reform movement, with attempts from the pope at the top to priests at the bottom, was ongoing, but attacks tended to focus on only one aspect at a time, not the whole church, and the local nature led only to local success. Perhaps the main bar to change was the belief that the church still offered the only route to salvation. What was needed for mass change was a theologian/argument which could convince a mass of both people and priests that they did not need the established church to save them, allowing reform to run unchecked by previous loyalties. Martin Luther presented just such a challenge. Luther and the German Reformation In 1517 Luther, a Professor of Theology grew angry at the selling of indulgences and produced 95 theses against them. He sent them privately to friends and opponents and may, as legend has it, have nailed them to a church door, a common method of starting debate. These theses were soon published and the Dominicans, who sold lots of indulgences, called for sanctions against Luther. As the papacy sat in judgment and later condemned him, Luther produced a powerful body of work, falling back on scripture to challenge the existing papal authority and rethinking the nature of the entire church. Luther’s ideas and style of preaching in person soon spread, partly among people who believed in him and partly among people who just liked his opposition to the church. Many clever and gifted preachers across Germany took on the new ideas, teaching and adding to them faster and more successfully than the church could keep up with. Never before had so many clergies switched to a new creed which was so different, and over time they challenged and replaced every major element of the old church. Shortly after Luther, a Swiss preacher called Zwingli produced similar ideas, beginning the related Swiss Reformation. Brief Summary of Reformation Changes Souls were saved without the cycle of penitence and confession (which was now sinful), but by faith, learning, and the grace of God.Scripture was the sole authority, to be taught in the vernacular (the local languages of the poor).A new church structure: a community of believers, focused around a preacher, needing no central hierarchy.The two sacraments mentioned in the scriptures were kept, albeit altered, but the other five were downgraded. In short, the elaborate, costly, organized church with often absent priests was replaced by austere prayer, worship, and local preaching, striking a chord with laypeople and theologians like. Reformed Churches Form The reformation movement was adopted by laypeople and powers, merging with their political and social aspirations to produce sweeping changes on everything from the personal level- people converting- to the highest reaches of government, where towns, provinces, and whole kingdoms officially and centrally introduced the new church. Government action was needed as the reformed churches had no central authority to disband the old church and instill the new order. The process was haphazard- with much regional variation- and carried out over decades. Historians still debate the reasons why people, and the governments who reacted to their wishes, took up the ‘Protestant’ cause (as the reformers became known), but a combination is likely, involving seizing land and power from the old church, genuine belief in the new message, ‘flattery’ by laypeople at being involved in religious debate for the first time and in their language, deflecting dissent onto the church, and freedom from old church restrictions. The Reformation did not occur bloodlessly. There was military conflict in the Empire before a settlement allowing old church and Protestant worship was passed, while France was riven by the ‘Wars of Religion,’ killing tens of thousands. Even in England, where a Protestant church was established, both sides were persecuted as the old church Queen Mary ruled in between Protestant monarchs. The Reformers Argue The consensus which led to theologians and laity forming reformed churches soon broke down as differences between all parties emerged, some reformers growing ever more extreme and apart from society (such as Anabaptists), leading to their persecution, to the political side developing away from theology and onto defending the new order. As ideas of what a reformed church should be evolved, so they clashed with what rulers wanted and with each other: the mass of reformers all producing their own ideas led to a range of different creeds which often contradicted each other, causing more conflict. One of these was Calvinism, a different interpretation of Protestant thought to that of Luther, which replaced the ‘old’ thinking in many places in the middle to late sixteenth century. This has been dubbed the ‘Second Reformation. Aftermath Despite the wishes and actions of some old church governments and the pope, Protestantism established itself permanently in Europe. People were affected at both a deeply personal, and spiritual level, finding a new faith, as well as the socio-political one, as an entirely new layer division was added to the established order. The consequences, and troubles, of the Reformation remain to this day.

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Conference and Event Evaluation Report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

Conference and Event Evaluation Report - Essay Example The motto of the agency is to provide better information and data to the public to enhance the health and living standards of the public. AIHW is a statutory authority and is answerable to the Parliament and works under the provision of Australian Institute of Health and Welfare Act 1987. The AIHW makes an elaborate national health report every two years which contains a wide range of information about health services, injury, diseases and health work force. This time the AIHW’s report release and conference fell on the same day which is 23rd of June 2010. According to AIHW(2010)â€Å"At the pre-conference dinner, 2010 Australian of the Year, Professor Patrick McGorry described his work in the field of mental health and in particular the prevalence of mental illness among young people†. The focus point of the conference was that the AIHW should create a transparency within the healthcare system to make the policy more comprehensive for the public Literature Review: Aust ralia Health Conference 2010 Australia is rated as one the healthiest nations in the world and their health awareness is of high quality when compared to other developed nation. The country was rated at third position for the life expectancy rate and health quotient among the developed countries. At the conference were present various health experts, high ranked officials of the nation and media persons to overview the health and welfare agenda of the body. According to AIHW (2010)â€Å"Launching the report, Minister Roxon said Australia’s Health 2010 was ‘a very valuable analysis of where we are as a nation, what we're doing well, where we need to pick up our game and the trends showing us the risks on the horizons that of course any smart government will plan for†. During the conference, it was understood that the death rate and major health problems such as cardiovascular disease, lung disease, asthma, cancer and injuries were decreasing .The report of the AIH W showed that the health of the citizens of Australia was really improving and there is more space for the country to develop in health sector. However, the conference also highlighted on the fact that the country needs to focus on certain areas of concern like obesity and diabetes.As per AGDHA(2010)â€Å"For the first time since 1995 the 2007-08 National Health Survey (NHS) has measured the height, weight, hip and waist circumference of respondents aged 5 years or more. Results from this survey reveal that in 2007-08, 61.4% of the Australian population are either overweight or obese† The health report of the AIHW shows that there can bring about considerable change in the obesity and overweight issues by bringing about change in the lifestyle of Australian citizen. The life style of a person includes their food habits, physical activity, alcohol consumption and smoking habits. According to the AIHW, the diabetes is one of the main issues prevalent among Australians which nee ds dire attention. Another important issue which was highlight in the conference was the prevalence of mental disorder among young generation of Australia. AIHW(2010)states thatâ€Å"An estimated 1 in 4 young people had experienced a mental health disorder in the 12 months before the survey—a higher proportion than any other age group. And in the estimates of disease burden for 2010, mental disorders

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Thomas Nagel. What is the thesis of Nagel's article The Absurd Essay

Thomas Nagel. What is the thesis of Nagel's article The Absurd - Essay Example He mostly takes the key concern on meaning of life. Thomas Nagel sets out that there are good grounds that make absurd to apply to lives. He viewed that our lives are absurd therefore meaningless that is absurdum. In his article, Nagel opens by stating four reasons for absurdum. The first reason he cites is that our being here will not be important for a very long time from now. He states nothing we do now will matter in million years to come. Thomas Nagel said that† by the same token, nothing that will be the case in a million years matters now.† He goes on and says that everything we do now in a million times will be meaningless. (Joad, 1944).  The second cite for absurdum is that he sees that we are very small as compared to the entire universe. Thomas says that the whole universe is infinite large as compared to our lives, therefore our lives are absurd for now. ... (Jaspers, 1969).   In ordinary life, life itself is absurd; Nagel puts that â€Å"when it includes a conspicuous discrepancy between pretension or aspiration and reality: someone gives a complicated speech in support of a motion that has already been passed† in addition, Thomas Nagel continues to consider what count good ground for his thesis. He claims we try to check one that has aspiration and reality. Nagel went ahead and gave an example, to demonstrate this being knighted just as trousers fall down. He went ahead and said that for most of time we live our lives as if they are not absurd, as if there is no nothing that brings changes between our aspiration and reality that makes our live absurd. Nagel had certain perspective in mind that we look at our lives from a stand, which is not involving. In this stand, we can step back and find the whole system of critics and justifications, which controls our supports and our claims to rationality which rests upon our habits the refore we should know how to disagree without circularity. Generally Nagel claims that absurd is striking sort of thing in our lives. The most interesting aspects of his article are the problem that Nagel connects problem of the meaning of life to other problems of epistemological of radical skeptics’. Actually, he claims that such skeptic come in when there is use of disengaged standpoint. Thomas Nagel says that both cases someone wills recognizes the justification made which cannot be justified without the threat of circularity. Thomas Nagel claims, â€Å"In both cases the final, philosophical doubt is not contrasted with any unchallenged certainties, though it is arrived at by extrapolation from examples of doubt within the system of evidence or

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The Things Not to Write About in Your College Essay

The Things Not to Write About in Your College EssayYou may not be aware of it, but your college essay is most likely the biggest factor in your grade. That is why you must do a great job. By writing a good essay, you are likely to get a higher grade and perhaps even an award. The following are some of the things not to write about in your college essay.Never use the word 'examples' in an essay. They are most likely just going to get you laughed at.Never use the word 'but' in an essay. Also do not use the word 'may' in your essay. Not only is it a cliche but it means you are trying to skirt the original topic of the essay. Make sure you actually talk about the topic at hand.Never go into a long explanation about the previous paragraph. It only hurts your credibility. Instead, try to come up with some useful tips or suggestions that could help the reader. For example, if the reader is an editor, put an editor's view in your essay. Maybe if you really put your best foot forward, the rea der will start thinking about working at a literary journal or publishing an article of your own.Never try to embellish a single sentence. It is much better to just use the appropriate sentence for the meaning of the entire piece.Never forget the proper titles. Don't use obscure titles for your essay. This could lead to confusion at the end of the reading.Always check with the college before offering a reading. If your teacher has something to say about the essay, then you can bet the letter will be exactly as he wanted it to be.

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Who is Worried About Problem Solution Research Paper Topics and Why You Should be Listening to Them

Who is Worried About Problem Solution Research Paper Topics and Why You Should be Listening to Them You will get an exceptional writing of the maximum quality you'll be able to imagine! Introduce and supply background information to show what's wrong now. Others also lack the appropriate language and writing skills that could allow them to create the ideal content. Write an essay on the idea of an organization. The best method of determining a corporation's reputation is by looking at what their prior customer has to say regarding their expert services. The other advertising and marketing strategy that's used by Facebook is to target the particular consumers that are in intense need of the services furnished by the firm. There are lots of social media-based services for business organizations to market their advertising activities. With the assistance of the evolution of program content to an excellent level, a lot of the business organizations prefer to take services of Fac ebook so as to promote their services and products. A Secret Weapon for Problem Solution Research Paper Topics Controlling gun sales decreases the amount of deaths brought on by firearms. As a consequence the principal is prepared to ban all cell phones from school. In some instances, you can also have to take time to dispel common misconceptions people have about the actual cause. A critical problem has arisen that desperately has to be solved. Problem Solution Research Paper Topics Features Whenever you have so many topics to speak about, choose what you're passionate about and it's going to be super-easy that you develop a considerable argument for it. All you will need is a simple topic. You receive your topic and paper in time and free up time for some other pursuits. Locating a topic for your study can be tough, but there are a lot of great techniques to produce intriguing ideas. To realize such directedness, it's important to limit your topic. Once you have selected your subject, you can get to do the job! Moreover, make sure the topic isn't too broad as it might be difficult to cover comprehensively in the time and space allowed. It's also important to pick a topic that's interesting for you. What to Expect From Problem Solution Research Paper Topics? Cultural appropriation ought to be restricted to address racial inequality. In modern day society, sport, exercise and wellness industries are regarded as a multi-billion pound business, and an industry that is continually growing. A worldwide one-child policy will help solve the issue of overpopulation. When you look around, you will observe social difficulties that affect society every single day. You will come to observe there are some assignments that you are unable to complete by yourself, or topics you cannot effectively conjure. Also, permit the reader know what steps they need to take to he lp solve the issue. As the person continues with her or his everyday activity, at a point in time, the mind proceeds to think about the issue or question. You just need to ask the appropriate questions! Cheap may sometimes prove to be costly. On the grounds of the total discussion made in the report, it's been evident that Facebook is now a nice and successful internet marketing company that has gained enormous quantity of growth and success with the assistance of its advertising and marketing strategies since its creation. Implementing the incentive time is cheap. The Appeal of Problem Solution Research Paper Topics The professionals use their accumulated skills and knowledge to make certain you find the best possible support. The organization is based in Menlo Park, California. Strive to add fresh info to the study area by means of your research. Students face a great deal of relationship problems. They can always get guidance on how to develop good topics on the Internet. In some cases, they simply devise the study and then imagine the possible results that might occur. Every student ought to be expected to spend a minumum of one semester abroad to promote tolerance. Problem Solution Research Paper Topics - the Story With us, you can be sure your research paper and personal information won't ever be obtained by any third party. Research papers are made in the structure of having the ability to argue a point. By taking a look at a well-written case of research proposal paper, you will learn that topics which are too broad can be difficult to manage as you will probably have different, and frequently conflicting, ideas on how best to tackle the issue. By analyzing a web-based research paper example, you can learn to draft your own topic. To receive your creativity flowing, don't hesitate to browse our detailed collection of problem-solution essay and paper topics and see whether you can find one which interests you. Prior to beginning, learn more about the way to run a psychology experiment. Other instances, like in an abnormal psychology training course, might require that you compose your paper on a particular subject like a psychological disorder. You will need understanding of the class material, and current academic and scholarly discourse in the area. Top Choices of Problem Solution Research Paper Topics With the assistance of its advertising strategy, the organization has had an excellent social and cultural effect on the consumers. All you are needed to do is complete an order form. The variety of paragraphs are determined by the quantity of solutions.

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The Ideal Strategy for Online Games That Helps Improve Essay Writing Skills for 10th Graders

The Ideal Strategy for Online Games That Helps Improve Essay Writing Skills for 10th Graders Though the high quality and power of the essay's argument are somewhat subjective, it's still true that you require specific grading standards that allow you to grade it as objectively as possible. You would like your students to prevent repetition, and therefore don't be afraid to recommend Vocaboly as a tool which will help them replace their habit words with different terms. Furthermore, your students will discover the formatting guidelines for the citation style you desire. Simply take the additional step to increase your grades by utilizing an essay grading service. Starting now, taking notes are going to be a mainstay of your youngster's education. While teachers ought to be there to support your child, he should do the job. In the event the answer is no, it is a craft you might need to work on with your child at home. Students may spin each wheel separately till they have a m ix of words that inspires. Writing is a complicated skill which most students actually need as a way to successfully go through college. Students might also appear back' from the standpoint of their grown-up selves. They will be able to communicate with their teacher via the virtual campus. They also receive a certificate of completion. Writing is given much significance in school since it is the bedrock of the rest of the subjects too. It may not operate for every single student of yours. Online Games That Helps Improve Essay Writing Skills for 10th Graders Features Hemingway Editor is a huge tool you are able to use in instances like this. Writing will be able to help you get a better handle on an abstract idea. Writing skills don't arrive naturally. When it's on paper or through their lips, the entire point is to receive your students to share their thoughts without hesitation. Taking everything that's happening into consideration, while attempting to account for every prospective action, is something which can readily be translated into research, as it enables the student to come up with the capacity to take an assortment of research paths to come across the reply to their research questions. Each of you compose an explanation of the way to do something. Becoming in a position to properly understand th e methods by which the fighting actually impacts the storyline is an incredibly very good means to help students piece together how different portions of their education go towards the whole, and similarly it may also show them how separate parts of research can be placed into an essay to strengthen it like a whole too. Unlike the typical classroom methods, there are a range of fun and intriguing games on the internet that make kids want to read. This game is an enjoyable approach to examine grammar. On-line reading games are a really good means to instill such habits in your children. Reading games for children are a wonderful aid for parents and teachers who are searching for fun ways to come up with wholesome reading habits in children. Using Online Games That Helps Improve Essay Writing Skills for 10th Graders It's additionally a great exercise for attention. By nature, we're a population of doers. Through writing, you're encouraging your child to learn more about the c orners of her or his mind. Online Games That Helps Improve Essay Writing Skills for 10th Graders Fundamentals Explained Even if all of the info in the body of the essay is solid, it's important to find the reader to that point with a fantastic attention grabber. For instance, you can emphasize the value of producing clear and concise outlines before they begin writing. This site has full instructions on each and every phase of the essay writing process, along with definitions for various varieties of essays, for students to peruse on their very own moment. Your students are aware that the thesis statement is easily the most significant part the essay, and that's exactly why it's hard for them to allow it to be perfect. Paragraph 1 This is the location where you introduce your topic and provide the reader an idea about what to expect in the subsequent paragraphs. Fifth graders should work on organizing their thoughts onto paper, and a paragraph construction activity can be an enjoyable approach to do it. To put it briefly, the very first paragraph gives a summary of the entire essay. Sometimes writing a paragraph about how you want to address an equation can provide help. The Debate Over Online Games That Helps Improve Essay Writing Skills for 10th Graders Starting an essay with an attention grabber guarantees that your audience might want to keep reading. Another advantage of journal writing is it boosts the reading skills of your son or daughter. The website consists of awesome on-line resources and books which make writing fun, together with cool new words that boost students' vocabulary. It's an enjoyable and exceptional way for students to compose their essay or story. Last year's com pound and intricate sentences continue this calendar year, but with the additional twist your fourth grader should have the ability to recognize and correct run-ons and fragments. If kids engage in writing from a young age, they will have the ability to expand their creative potential. The more knowledge your son or daughter builds during the prewriting stage, the simpler it is going to be to write. You might also wish to consider encouraging your kid to write creatively (starting at a youthful age if possible). Interactive activities are a valuable part of the learning approach. Folks now believe computer gamers can teach a lot about different skills required for suitable research and writing, from being in a position to take care of a number of sources of information at the same time, to having the capability to sift through information and understand the way that it contributes to the whole. With so many speak-to-text apps out on the sector, it might be challenging to choo se only one.

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Nope nope nope Essay Example for Free

Nope nope nope Essay Rhetorical Modes Quiz Complete the following chart to identify the purpose and structure of the various rhetorical modes used in academic writing. Provide at least two tips for writing each type of rhetorical device. Rhetorical modePurpose Explain when or why each rhetorical mode is used.Structure Explain what organizational method works best with each rhetorical mode. Tips Provide two tips for writing in each rhetorical mode. NarrationThe purpose of narration is to tell a story or recount an event.Used when one wants to tell an event by event account of a story, best organized in chronological order. Use only one tense. Always put important things first. IllustrationExplains a topic or statement with specific examples.Best used by order of importantence by arranging idea by their significance, Always starts with the topic sentence.Do not over detail your concepts. Use evidence that supports your topic sentence. DescriptionTo makes your audience fully immersed in the writing by using all 5 senses.It depends on the writer as discriptions can go from left to right or top to bottom.Spatial order is your friend. Don’t use discriptors that are empty. ClassificationUsed to break down broad subjects into smaller specific parts.Can be broken down into smaller categories for organization.Break down your topic 2-4 ways. Choose topics you’re well versed in. Process analysisUsed to explain how something works or is done right.Organized in order with step by step directions.Use clear examples. Have a friend read over it. DefinitionSimply put it’s to define something.Organized by settings or condition to how something goes or is explained. Comparison and contrast Cause and effect Persuasion Copyright  © 2011 by Flat World Knowledge. All rights reserved. Adapted with permission. Select one of the topics below and determine at least one rhetorical mode that would be appropriate for addressing the topic you selected. Write 100 to 150 words explaining the topic you selected, the rhetorical mode, and why you think this mode is most appropriate for addressing your topic. †¢Pollution †¢Workplace proposal for a new initiative †¢Arguing to change a law †¢Building a new park in your town †¢Climate change †¢Profile of your best friend or a family member